Innovative technology & exceptional customer service

Westmill Industries is committed to helping their customers achieve success with higher production rate as well as more energy-efficient dryers.

Bearing Housing

Westmill™ stocks a wide range of Bearing Housing Parts

Chain Guides

Wide assortment of Chain Guides


Wide variety of Bushing Parts

Featured Products

  • Westmill Board Dryer Installations

    Westmill Board Dryer Installations

    Years of experience in building new dryers and rebuilding existing dryers has provided the essential basis to engineer, design and manufacture superior dryer systems.

  • Westmill Board Dryer Rebuilds

    Westmill Board Dryer Rebuilds

    Why buy a new Board Dryer when Westmill can RE-NEW and upgrade your existing Dryer at a fraction of the price?

  • Westmill lightSORT™ APA/ewta Innovator of the Year!
  • From interim assistance to full project management, we’ve got you covered.


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